Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows - available information

Due to the current migration situation we have decided to post some information on the work of the Slovenian police in the area of border issues and foreigners. It contains especially explanation on those tasks and responsibilities that refer to foreigners who cross the state border illegally.


 04.05.2016  Slovenian police officers deployed to Greece
 29.04.2016  Press releases in April 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows
 18.04.2016  Police Academy hosts ENP meeting
 11.04.2016  Police work during migrant crisis
 01.04.2016  Press releases in March 2016 in Connection with Current Migration Flows

Code of Police Ethics

Ministry of the Interior

The police are an autonomous body within the Ministry of the Interior. If you want to know more about the Ministry of the Interior, its organisation, fields of activities, the tasks it performs together with its directorates and services, etc., enter here.

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