Police officers check over 3,000 cargo vehicles and 300 busses during Operation Bus & Truck

Last week, from 20 to 26 July 2015, the Slovenian Police participated in a joint European operation Truck & Bus tackling the transport of goods and passengers. Different violations of road traffic regulations were detected by traffic police officers throughout the country involving 532 cargo vehicles and 38 busses.


 17.07.2015  Save a Life. Consider the appropriate positioning of vehicles on the motorway in cases of congestion
 07.07.2015  Three Slovenian police officers deployed in Croatia to assist Slovenian citizens and Croatian colleagues
 30.06.2015  Take good care of your vehicle and objects inside when stopping at motorway rest areas
 29.06.2015  Slovenian police and Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia take part in massive international operation Blue Amber
 24.06.2015  Celebration of the Police Day and opening of new Forensic Laboratory building

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