Investigators seized more than 70 kg of illegal drugs within the successfully concluded international criminal investigation

This international investigation certainly confirms the fact that Slovenia still remains an important factor in illegal drug trafficking on the Balkan route. The country is located on traffic routes between South-East and West Europe, which are also used by various criminal groups engaged in smuggling illegal drugs and illicit substances in sport, weapons, explosives, people and other items.


 13.06.2014  Tacen held its first conference on e-learning in the Police
 12.06.2014  UNHCR and Police Academy organise third migration workshop
 05.06.2014  Launch of Interpol's Turn Back Crime
 19.05.2014  Slovenian police officers help population in flooded areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina
 07.05.2014  Extremely effective police work in 2013 despite difficult circumstances and tight budget

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