About the Police Leadership

Director of the Police Directorate Celje
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Jože Senica has done 18 years of professional policing service. He served 14 years in the criminal police. In 1994, after completing his secondary school studies, he was sworn in as police officer and took up the duty at Dobova Police Station within the former Internal Affairs Administration in Krško. He was then transferred to Velenje Police Station within the regional police directorate in Celje. After completing his studies at Administrative College in Ljubljana in 1988, he began his career as criminal police officer in Celje Police Directorate.

Mr Senica performed his first criminal policing assignments in the Juvenile Crime Group, a unit subordinated to the General Crime Section. In 2001, after completing the studies at the Higher Police and Security College in Ljubljana, he was promoted to head of Group. Between December 2003 and January 2005 he served in the EU Proxima international peace-keeping mission in Macedonia in the capacity of adviser on organised crime and counter-terrorism.

Upon returning from the mission in February 2005 Jože Senica first took up the duty as head of the Organised Crime Section, after which he was promoted to head of the Criminal Police Division, a larger unit within the same directorate.

He finished his master's at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security in 2011. In 2008, he became instructor of criminal policing techniques.

He assumed the position of head of Celje Police Directorate on 1 Maj 2012.



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