SIRENE - stands for Supplementary Information Request at National Entry.

Each Contracting Party must designate a central authority as a single point of contact for the exchange of additional information related to data in the SIS. This contact point, called the SIRENE Bureau, must operate continuously 24/7. Each Contracting Party issues its alerts only via this authority.

SIRENE is responsible for the uninterrupted operation of the national section of the Schengen Information System and adopts required actions for ensuring the observance of the provisions of the Convention. One should emphasize that expansive and improved cooperation between the police at the basic level has been achieved with the SIS system and its auxiliary element SIRENE. With the aid of these technical and operative systems, all information defined by the end user in the system (predominantly patrol officers) can be acquired.

SIRENE represents the foundation for international police cooperation in the Schengen area (systematic police cooperation based on the mutual exchange of data and alerts regarding persons and objects, ongoing and concurrently updated by requesting members according to the principle of mutual trust as if information was treated within the national legal scope).

All operations between SIRENE bureaus have been standardized on the basis of the SIRENE Manual which is concurrently modified and supplemented within the scope of the EU Commission.