Changes due to the Covid-19 epidemic

Slovenia declared an epidemic on 12 March 2020 due to the growing number of coronavirus infections. In order to contain the spread of infection, many countries, including Slovenia, introduced changes in their border crossing regime.

In this new context, certain restrictions have been introduced not only on the border with Croatia, but also on the internal Schengen borders (with Italy, Austria and Hungary) where border controls were abolished back in 2007 after Slovenia had joined the Schengen area. These are temporary traffic-related restrictions, however, certain entry and exit requirements have changed also for foreign nationals and Slovenian citizens.

More information at: Crossing the state border during the coronavirus epidemic



Foto: Mostphotos/ UKOM

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows

The webpage contains information on the duties and responsibilities of the police that refer to illegal immigrants. It also provides information on arrivals and accommodation of foreigners in Slovenia.

Information for foreigners

A web portal set up by the Ministry of the Interior with a wide range of information needed by foreigners to be able to live and work in the Republic of Slovenia.