Our key mission is providing security for individuals and the community and ensuring respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, which of course requires staff in various fields. This is the reason for our carefully planned and thoughtful efforts to make the prospect of employment in our organisation attractive for various staff and educational profiles. Active employment is thus our long-term goal, which we also want to attain by promoting the various employment opportunities that we offer. In addition, the police invests a lot in employees and in creating a stimulating working environment.

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Usually, at the beginning of the year, we publish a call for applications for the postgraduate study program Police Officer, and in the spring, usually a call for police officers for state border protection. In addition to this, we also publish public calls for applications and public notices for other job vacancies in the police. We present our work to the wider public at fairs and educational events, career fairs, primary and secondary schools and faculties.

We are thus trying to attract to our ranks all young people who feel the urge to do something good for their fellow human beings. All those who are characterised by their courage, selflessness, affiliation, justice and prudence are invited to join the ranks of Slovenian police officers.

We look only for the best candidates

We look only for the best and most capable candidates for employment in the police. We look for persons who are capable of overcoming physical obstacles and are up to dealing with the most diverse situations and complicated cases, which the police face on a daily basis. We look for persons who are able to calm their heart rate in stressful moments and prudently carry out procedures even when confronted by the most demanding members of the public. After they successfully pass a test of physical abilities and go through all selection procedures, candidates are in for a challenging two-year education at the Police College.

Various career opportunities

After they conclude their studies, they perform the tasks of general police officers for some time, and then they have the opportunity to develop professionally in their particular field of interest. They can specialise in various fields of work, such as traffic police officers, mounted police officers or police dog handlers, criminal technicians and criminal police officers, they can become police officer "specialists" or join a special police unit, a mountain unit, etc.

In addition to this, there are other, non-typical units and fields of work in the police, such as police orchestra, museum, information technology and telecommunications, public relations, etc., in which there are also many opportunities for employment.


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