Providing personal security and protecting facilities

Security and Protection Centre is a service within the Police Specialities Directorate. The Centre's main task is to protect dignitaries and facilities from any source of threat.

The Centre's core security task is to protect the dignitaries and facilities defined in the Regulation on the protection of certain persons, premises, facilities and installations (Uradni list RS (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia), no 110/2010) by applying a full range of preventive, operational, technical and physical security techniques from any threat:

  • president or chief of state attending an official event;
  • President of the Republic of Slovenia, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, Prime Minister and their spouses;
  • Foreign Affairs Minister, Defence Minister and Minister of the Interior;
  • President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • former president of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • presidential candidates officially identified as such up to the proclamation of the results of elections by National Voting and Election Committee;
  • visiting heads of state and government from the EU and other countries;
  • designated sites and their perimeters where the head offices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Ministry of the Interior are located;
  • designated sites and their perimeters where seats of diplomatic and consular missions and representation offices of international organisations in the Republic of Slovenia are located;
  • special sites of national significance at state-level events;
  • if so designated per executive decree by Director General of the Police, other high-ranking individuals if their life or personal security is threatened because of the functions they perform.

The safety of protected persons and designated facilities is ensured by exercising security measures in combination with various forms of protection:

Physical protection of persons and facilities

This form of protection includes close physical protection and other measures performed by officers to divert potential threats. Physical protection can only be provided by highly trained and dedicated security professionals. These officers are specialist security officers who need to complete specific training programmes. Alongside mastering general policing knowledge during their regular police courses, they need to acquire a range of specific skills and competences in the course of specialist training.

In providing close dignitary protection and facility protection the officers perform physical surveillance and combine it with other forms of policing such as police patrolling, observation service, performing advance site surveys etc. The sites under physical protection are designated facilities of state authorities, residences of protected persons, diplomatic and consular buildings and diplomatic residence buildings, locations where foreign visiting protectees are accommodated, and designated law enforcement facilities.

Preventive and operational activities

The single aim of preventive and operational protection services is to secure the protectee and designated facilities from threats. As part of preventive and operational work, data are collected and analysed for the purpose of threat assessments related to protectees or facilities. Indirect and direct protection measures are planned and carried out as necessary at sites and within the facilities where protectees are staying.

Technical protection

Technical protection is a process of preparing and implementing all forms of technical protection. Our technical protection staff are highly qualified professionals providing top levels of security while utilizing state-of-the-art alarm, video-control and mechanical protection systems.