The Slovenian police also provides comprehensive protection of persons and certain premises, facilities and buildings and their surroundings. It is an activity that is always performed somewhere behind the scenes, usually far away from the public eye. As is the case with the "men in black" who discreetly follow protected persons, other activities are done quietly and almost invisibly, which makes them no less difficult, responsible and demanding.

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Our activities are aimed primarily at protecting the most exposed, publicly known persons from all forms of threats. Providing security for the most senior domestic and foreign representatives of the authorities, such as heads of state or government and ministers, is an essential aspect of ensuring state security, maintaining stability and internal systems and, consequently, foreign relations. In addition to this, we provide security for state facilities used for the purposes of state protocol, and in accordance with international obligations we also protect diplomatic and consular representation offices in Slovenia and the residencies of ambassadors.

In doing so, we help to maintain respect for the legal order of the state and its national legislation, as well as European conventions such as the Vienna conventions on diplomatic and on consular relations, on which rests the international foundation of the protection of foreign protected persons and facilities. Evidence that we have been successfully performing work in this field for decades is the successful provision of security to foreign statesmen and other senior representatives in Slovenia, when their visits - in addition to the recognition of the successful work of the Slovenian police - attracted major media coverage.

Such high-profile guests have included Pope John Paul II, US President Bill Clinton and the Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II, while we also performed well during the meeting of the US and Russian presidents, George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin, and in numerous other events, the most demanding ones certainly including those arising from the Slovenian presidency of the EU Council.

Security and Protection Centre

The unit that has been in charge of security of persons and facilities since 1991 is the Security and Protection Centre, which operates as part of the General Police Directorate. It mainly employs police officer specialists - security guards who, in addition to everyday tasks such as providing security for Slovenian statesmen and facilities important to the state, provide security at least 70 times a year for foreign protected persons visiting Slovenia.

Police security guards stopped being only drivers for senior representatives of the authorities long ago, as the scope of their work is much broader. They cover the fields of preventive, operational, technical and physical security of persons and facilities. This means that, in addition to their direct presence with protected persons, they also perform surveillance services and patrolling, perform preventive inspections of facilities and their surroundings, collect and analyse information, prepare risk assessments, etc. Modern alarm and video surveillance technical systems and various mechanical protection systems are of great assistance to them. In order to make their work even more efficient, they also liaise with foreign colleagues with whom they exchange valuable experience.

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Security and Protection Centre

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