The Police Orchestra performs its activities not only for the Police and its employees, but it is also the official protocol orchestra of the Republic of Slovenia. Ever since its founding in 1948, and especially after the birth of the new state in 1994, when the Slovenian government awarded it this prestigious title in recognition of its high professionalism and state-building attitude, the quality and renown of the Police Orchestra has grown.

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As a unit of the Slovenian police, the Orchestra is present at almost all major events and celebrations as part of the Ministry of the Interior, the Police and veteran and related associations. It is also indispensable in various preventive and humanitarian campaigns.

A truly special place is held by the concert activities of the Orchestra. Every year it holds several independent concerts, among which number its finest performances. Its quality growth and development in the artistic field have opened the doors of the most prestigious arenas at home and abroad and define the Police Orchestra as one of the best ensembles of its kind. The Police Orchestra thus represents the country internationally in the noblest way and is a binding link between the Police and the public.

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The Orchestra is proud of the years-long tradition that it cherishes and which is well recognised by the public. In this spirit, they also strive for the highest possible level of training and education of the staff and, consequently, the superb reputation of the unit and the Police in general, as well as the reputation of the country they represent. Both within and outside our borders.


Bond between citizens and the police

The Police Orchestra is comparable to the best European professional ensembles, in large part because it employs only academic musicians selected by audition.

Numerous conductors and artistic directors have developed the Police Orchestra over decades, improving its expertise and expanding its musical repertoire. With their help, the Orchestra has upgraded its artistic expression and created a true symphonic sound, which is its leading characteristic and virtue today.

It plays all genres of music, from original pieces for wind orchestras, covers of classical, opera and ballet music pieces to pop songs, jazz and indispensable folk music. It annually performs at 250 or more events as its musicians frequently cooperate with small chamber bands. Its operational work, which includes the performance of police tasks, is also important. With their musical and operational work, professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to the double profession of musician and police officer, the members of the Police Orchestra are the honour and pride not only of the police, but also of the Slovenian state.

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