Clarification regarding entry to Slovenia when transiting to another country (updated on 14 July 2020).

The call centre for police advice during the Coronavirus has recently been receiving many questions regarding modes of transiting Slovenian territory when travelling to another country. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina were asking about how they can visit their relatives living in Germany, while citizens of EU countries have been enquiring regarding travelling through Slovenia on their way to their holiday destinations in Croatia.

Transit through Slovenia on the way to another country allowed within 12 hours from entering

In addition to general conditions, which must be met to enter Slovenia, passengers are required to transit Slovenia within 12 hours from entering.

Persons entering Slovenia in transit must have with them:

  • Valid travel document (including a visa or a residence permit when required)
  • A document on the purpose and destination of transit (as of 14 July 2020 this document is not required for travellers with a permanent or temporary residence in EU member states)

Entry to Slovenia shall be denied to persons for whom it is foreseen that they may not be able to exit Slovenia due to measures in neighbouring countries.

What is transit?

Item 5, Article 10 of the Ordinance  states the exception to entry to Slovenia without limitations or ordered quarantine, which allows persons to transit Slovenian territory in a 12-hour period.

This means that passengers must exit Slovenia within 12 hours and must travel through Slovenia without making unnecessary or redundant stops or leaving the main transit route. While transiting, passengers may attend to necessary things such as fill up the gas tank, stop for physiological needs (drink, food, toilet, etc.), but may not stay overnight.

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