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Director General of the Police Jože Romšek, Mayor of Cerklje na Gorenjskem Franc Čebulj, Director of the Kranj Police Directorate Jože Mencin, and Commander of the Ljubljana Airport Police Station Jure Lešnjak formally opened the new premises of the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport Police Station.



The cost of construction of the new 2,200 m2 station amounted to slightly less than EUR 3 million, with half of the funds contributed by the European Union.

postaja1 The premises, over 2000 square meters in area, will provide 94 police officers
with improved conditions for their professional work.

postaja2a postaja3a


The new construction comprises business premises, garages and parking for all service and police vehicles, premises for the operative headquarters of the Kranj Police Directorate and space for the work requirements of the Security and Protection Office at the airport. There is also a kennel for three police service dogs working at the airport.

MencinDirector of the Kranj Police Directorate Jože Mencin

"The commencement of operation of the police unit dates back to 1963, when Ljubljana Airport was officially opened. The unit began its work in two spaces, one of which was intended for the on-call police officer and the other for the unit head and office manager. With air traffic considerably increasing at Ljubljana Airport, which as the country's central airport possessed increasing economic and social significance, and the increasing need for security in air traffic and the continuous presence of the militia at the airport at that time, the unit also developed. The Ljubljana-Brnik Border Militia Station was established in November 1972. To date, the unit has been 'reorganized' and 'renamed' quite a few times due to various needs and changes. The premises have remained the same, with only minimal modernisation," said Director Jože Mencin.

dariloDirector of the Kranj Police Directorate Jože Mencin
hands over a gift to the head of the Airport Police Station upon its opening.

RomsekDirector General of the Police Jože Romšek

The official speaker at the event, Director General of the Police Jože Romšek emphasised that "during the period of establishing the Ljubljana Airport Police Station, the Police have witnessed large changes and numerous challenges, which the station always successfully managed. One of the greatest challenges recently was certainly Slovenia's entry into the European Union, which has brought the Police an abundance of legislative novelties. These are predominantly connected to Slovenia's entry into 'Schengen'. The Airport Police Station played a key role in this endeavour. The extremely well performed work and excellent qualifications of the police officers and other staff have contributed enormously to the positive end result in the Schengen evaluations carried out at Slovenian international airports. Experts assessed that Slovenia was also prepared to enter the Schengen territory with regard to the air border. Thus, one of the most important prerequisites for Slovenia's inclusion in 'Schengen' was fulfilled and the last obstacle to the path of a common security zone eliminated."

Romsek postroj

"The Ljubljana Airport Police Station is a specific unit and, as such, the sole defender of the Schengen air space in Slovenia. The prevention of illegal migration and disclosure of forged documents, smuggling and other forms of crime constitute the security interest of not only Slovenia but the entire European Union," added Romšek. "The former building was unsuitable for police officers carrying out such a demanding task. The former premises represented far from envious working conditions. This was felt most by those who began their day here or spent a strenuous working day here. The shortage of space and equipment worn by time were a loud entreaty for us to ensure our employees suitable working conditions."


Romšek then thanked everyone who had contributed to the project's realisation and expressed his wish to the police officers that their work in the new premises would prove as easy and pleasant as possible and that they would continue to perform their work with satisfaction.

Lesnjak The Commander of the Airport Police Station, Jure Lešnjak, thanked everyone who had helped in the construction of the new premises and
assured those present that the staff would continue their endeavours in the new premises.

ogled razstave

At the conclusion of the event, those attending viewed the interior of the new Airport Police Station and the collection of police badges and symbols of retired police officer Gortan Simončič.