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Today, 18 September 2008, was the first day of the seventh edition of the now traditional Police Games, the biggest sports and social event of the year for the Slovenian police. Competing in this year's Games are 22 teams and a total of 767 participants drawn from all the police directorates and the units of the General Police Directorate.

Most of the events take place today and tomorrow in Tacen but some will also take place tomorrow (19 September 2008) in Gotenica. The official opening ceremony of the 7th Police Games will take place tomorrow (19 September 2008) at 8.30 a.m. in the sports park of the Police Academy in Tacen (Rocenska 56), near Ljubljana.

The participating athletes will compete in the eleven most popular sporting disciplines in the police force. Today they put themselves to the test in judo, self-defence (demonstration of techniques) and practical skills, in other words disciplines that are extremely useful in their day-to-day police work. The chess and football tournaments also started today.


MarjanFabjanBefore the judo competition the warm-up was led by Marjan Fabian of the Police Athletes Division and the selector of the national judo team. The warm-up was followed by a demonstration of judo moves by  Petra Nareks and Rok DrakÅ¡ič, both police athletes. Also present was judoka Aljaž Sedej, another police athlete.

Some very young fans - children from the Jelka nursery school in Ljubljana - cheered on the competitors in the judo competition with banners made specially for the occasion. There were so many of them that several buses were needed to bring them and their banners. After the judo competition they went to see some of the other competitions and visit the Police Academy.

tehnikeSelf-defence - techniques

prakticniPractical skills

Tomorrow the competitors will take part in a multidiscipline police tournament featuring air rifle shooting, shooting with the Heckler Koch MP-5 automatic rifle, pistol shooting (European Police Course), self-defence (ju-jitsu) and beach volleyball. The football and chess tournaments will continue. The top individuals and teams in the final classification will receive diplomas, medals and trophies. Prizes were awarded today to the winners of the judo, self-defence (demonstration of techniques) and practical skills competitions.


Football matches between teams made up of police staff members, journalists and police athletes will take place tomorrow (19 September 2008) at 11.00 a.m. (in Tacen).

Tomorrow, like today, there will be guided visits to the Slovenian Police Museum at 11.00 a.m., 12.00 p.m. and 1.00 p.m.

The cultural programme accompanying the games included a photography competition. The opening of the photography exhibition and the awarding of symbolic prizes to the winning photographers will take place at 2.00 p.m. on 19 September 2008 at the Police Academy in Tacen.


Results of the first day of the 7th Police Games:

Judo (individual classification - up to 66 kg)

  1. Robert Javeršek, Novo Mesto
  2. Damjan Muheljič, Koper
  3. Aljoša Felkner, Slovenj Gradec
  4. Primož Kuhar, Ljubljana
  5. Jožef Čuš, Maribor

Judo (individual classification - up to 73 kg)

  1. Metod Jerman, Novo Mesto
  2. Bojan Jovanovič, Celje
  3. Bojan Popovič, Ljubljana
  4. Andrej Å tinjek, Slovenj Gradec
  5. Luka Jutršek, Ljubljana
  6. Andrej Å kedelj, Novo Mesto
  7. Sandi Grk, Koper
  8. Dejan Kink, Krško
  9. Igor Štefanič Božič, Novo Mesto

Judo (individual classification - up to 81 kg)

  1. Miha Mavec, Novo Mesto
  2. Boštjan Hliš, Maribor
  3. Damjan Ivančič, Maribor
  4. Tomaž Bevc, Ljubljana
  5. Boštjan Cotič, Koper
  6. Klemen Luskovec, Special Unit
  7. Dušan Raj, Novo Mesto
  8. Damir Kocjančič, Security and Protection Office
  9. Tomaž Hartman, Slovenj Gradec

Judo (individual classification - up to 90 kg)

  1. Luka Ravnič, Special Unit
  2. Boštjan Divjak, Ljubljana
  3. Saša Sandič, Koper
  4. Mehmed Telalovič, Ljubljana
  5. David Gracer, Police Academy
  6. Gregor Karneža, Maribor
  7. Sandi Makoter, Murska Sobota
  8. Bojan Založnik, Novo Mesto
  9. Božidar Skerbiš, Celje
  10. Aleš Lešnik, Celje
  11. Aleš Korošec, Krško
  12. Simon Å varc, Slovenj Gradec

Judo (individual classification - up to 100 kg)

  1. Denis Brumen, Celje
  2. Bojan Možina, Ljubljana
  3. Jan Blažič, Koper
  4. Zlatko Rizvič, Special Unit
  5. Sandi Hotko, Krško
  6. Bojan Jakac, Special Unit
  7. Uroš Iskra, Ljubljana
  8. Jurček Črešnar, Slovenj Gradec
  9. Tomaž Demša, Murska Sobota
  10. Marko Rožman, Maribor

Judo (individual classification - over 100 kg)

  1. Jože Butkovič, Koper
  2. Marko Rahle, Maribor
  3. Franc Pozderec, Murska Sobota
  4. Dušan Fifolt, Novo Mesto
  5. Aleksander Piškur, Krško
  6. Dušan Šuklje, Special Unit
  7. Mihael Ilc, Ljubljana
  8. Sašo Zdovc, Slovenj Gradec

Judo (general classification)

  1. Novo Mesto
  2. Koper
  3. Ljubljana
  4. Special Unit
  5. Maribor
  6. Celje
  7. Slovenj Gradec
  8. Krško
  9. Murska Sobota
  10. Police Academy
  11. Security and Protection Office

Self-defence (ju-jitsu - demonstration of techniques - general classification)

  1. Krško
  2. Koper
  3. Murska Sobota
  4. Ljubljana
  5. Postojna
  6. Maribor

Self-defence (ju-jitsu - demonstration of techniques - individual classification - men)

  1. Gorazd Kostevc, Krško
  2. Dejan Kink, Krško
  3. Boštjan Zemljič, Koper
  4. Elvis Podlogar, Ljubljana
  5. Bojan Popovič, Ljubljana
  6. Denis Kristl, Murska Sobota
  7. Damir Horvat, Murska Sobota
  8. Alen Kontelj, Koper
  9. Uroš Novak, Krško
  10. Boštjan Črnetič, Koper
  11. Zoran Preradovič, Postojna
  12. David Kranjc, Postojna
  13. Peter Deželak, Koper
  14. Geza Čotar, Murska Sobota
  15. Vinko Novak, Krško
  16. Boris Fluher, Postojna
  17. Andrej Petek, Maribor
  18. Aleš Vindiš, Maribor
  19. Stanko Rihtarič, Maribor
  20. Dominik Potočnik, Postojna
  21. Štefan Völgyi, Murska Sobota
  22. Vladimir Cafuta, Maribor
  23. Matjaž Lipar, Ljubljana
  24. Primož Kuhar, Ljubljana

Practical skills (general classification)

  1. Celje
  2. Uniformed Police Directorate
  3. Special Unit
  4. Koper
  5. Ljubljana
  6. Maribor
  7. Murska Sobota
  8. Krško

Chess (general classification)

  1. Special Unit
  2. Criminal Police Directorate
  3. Krško
  4. Ljubljana
  5. Police Academy
  6. Slovenj Gradec
  7. Maribor
  8. Kranj
  9. Koper
  10. Celje
  11. Operational Communications Centre
  12. Postojna
  13. Novo Mesto
  14. Security and Protection Office