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The Director General of the Police, Dr. Darko Anželj, received the police officers who are going to the police mission JIPTC in Jordan, EUPOL PROXIMA in Macedonia, EUPM and OHR in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Aleš Grudnik, Andrej Casar and Matej Velikonja from the Uniformed Police Directorate, Marko Rode from the Service of the Director General of the Police of the General Police Directorate and Boštjan Težak from the Ljubljana Police Directorate will start work in the peace mission on 1 February 2005, replacing Branko Stermecki, Aleksander Majhen, Sašo Pikon, Zlatko Fišer and Damjan Žgajnar, whose one-year term in the JIPTC finishes on 1 February 2005. Like the instructors so far the new team will participate in the training of Iraqi police officers in the Jordan police centre in Amman.

050111 mirovne

Darko Lesjak from the Uniformed Police Directorate of the General Police Directorate, Danilo Grahornik from the Maribor Police Directorate and Rudolf Štojs from the Dobova Border Police Station will start work in the peacekeeping mission in Macedonia on 18 January 2005. They will replace Borut Eržen, Drago Ipavec and Jože Senica, whose term in EUPOL PROXIMA finishes on 22 January 2005. Saša Laznik from the Celje Police Directorate will replace Leopold Pogačar in EUPM. Štefan Skalar is going to Bosnia and Hercegovina, where he will work for the Office of the High Representative for a year.

The Director General of the Police took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of Slovenian police officers' participation in peacekeeping missions for Slovenia's image in the world. He wished the officers successful performance of their duties in the missions. He said he had no doubt that the Slovenian officers, like their predecessors in international peace missions, will do their job professionally and consolidate the reputation of the Slovenian police in the world. The Director General also expressed his satisfaction with the amount of interest for the work in missions among Slovenian police officers for it is a very difficult personal choice. The Slovenian police have been making sure - and will continue to make sure - that only well-prepared police officers go to missions.