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Guidelines for submission of papers to the Journal of Criminal Investigation and Criminology


Length of contributions

  1. Original articles, both original and review scientific articles, should contain up to 50,000 characters, spaces included, comprising identical abstracts in Slovenian and English which are usually from 15 to 20 lines long and should be brief reviews of the article. Empirical articles should be structured according to the IMRAD standard.
  2. Contributions in sections Notes, From Practice or From Elsewhere should not exceed 30,000 characters, spaces included.
  3. Book reviews may not exceed 15,000 characters, spaces included.
  4. The length of other contributions should be agreed upon with the editors.


Style and format of articles

Articles in English must be written in British English in accordance with APA style and format (6th edition). Articles must be 'spell checked' and 'grammar checked', all references mentioned in the Reference List must be cited in the text, and vice versa. Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources (including the Internet).

Titles of articles should be short, clear, and informative. The author’s first (middle) and last names are stated in the line below the title. Their scientific title and education level, position, and current employment details including the institution’s address are provided in a footnote.

Titles of book reviews contain the information on authorship, the original title of the reviewed work with its Slovenian title in the brackets (of foreign books), place of publication, name of publisher, and the number of pages. The review’s author is listed below the text, first name, last name, and their scientific title.

In other texts, author’s identity is given at the end of the text by their first name and last name.


The subtitles in the contribution

For reasons of transparency, longer articles should be split into smaller logical units bearing their own titles. These subtitles should be printed in small letters (except initials and names) and highlighted (bold).


Tables, charts and images

Tables, charts, and pictures should be defined as attachments, titled and located at the end of the text. In the body of the text, their positions should be marked.



In the text, notes should be marked by serial numbers made superscript at chosen positions and listed in the same order at the bottom of the page. Their only purpose is to accurately clarify the text, not to cite sources (citations). Quoting within the text (citations) should be done in accordance with the APA style of writing scientific papers. 

Articles are to be submitted to the editors of the Journal of Criminal Investigation and Criminology at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


Quoting of references:

Type of reference


Quoting in the text


single authtor

Newman, O. (1972). Defensible space. New York: Macmillan.

 (Newman, 1972)


two authtors

Osterburg, J. W., & Ward, R. H. (2000). Criminal investigation: A method for reconstruction the past (3rd ed.). Cincinnati: Anderson Publishing.

 (Osterburg & Ward, 2000)


three to five authors

Smallbone, S., Marshall, W. L., & Wortley, R. (2008). Preventing child sexual abuse, evidence, policy and practice. Devon: Willan Publishing.

 First citation: (Smallbone, Marshal, & Wortley, 2008)
Subsequent citations: (Smallbone et al., 2008)


six and more authors

Cooper, L., Eagle, K., Howe, L., Reims, H., Robertson, A., Taylor, D. et al. (1982). How to stay younger while growing older: Aging for all ages. London: Macmillan.

 (Cooper et al., 1982)


no author given

Oxford essential world atlas (3rd ed.). (1996). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

 (Oxford essential world atlas, 1996)

Book chapters

Kornhauser, P., & GostiÅ¡a Kornhauser, A. (2006). Nasilje nad otrokom v družini. In J. Balažic, & P. Kornhauser (Eds.), Zloraba in nasilje v družini in družbi, XII. spominsko srečanje akademika Janeza Milčinskega (pp. 83-97). Ljubljana: InÅ¡titut za sodno medicino Medicinske fakultete.

 (Kornhauser & GostiÅ¡a Kornhauser, 2006)

Journal articles

(just volume)

Taylor, M., Holland, G., & Quayle, E. (2001). Typology of peadophile picture collections. The Police Journal74, 97-107.

 First citation: (Taylor, Holland, & Quayle, 2001)
Subsequent citations: (Taylor et al., 2001).

Journal articles

(volume and number)

Spaseski, J. (2009). Private security as an integral part of the single security system. Varstvoslovje, 11(2), 305-315.

 (Spaseski, 2009)

Entries in a reference book

Pittau, J. (1983). Meiji constitution. V Kodansha encyclopedia of Japan (Vol. 2, pp. 1-3). Tokyo: Kodansha.

 (Pittau, 1983)

Newspaper articles

Felc, M. (10. 7. 2009). Pojasnili tudi razloge za sodne zaostanke. Delo, p. 7.

 (Felc, 2009)

Laws, regulations, etc.

Police Act. (1998). Official Gazette RS, (49/98).

 (Police Act, 1998)

Online sources


Standing, A. (2006). Organised crime: A study from the cape flats. Retrieved from

 (Standing, 2006)

Online journal articles:

Willison, R. (2006). Understanding the offender/environment dynamic for computer crimes. Information Technology & People, 19(2). Retrieved from

 (Willison, 2006)

Documents and reports:

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. (2001). Trends in international migration: Continuous reporting system on migration:Annual report. Retrieved from

 First citation:
(Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], 2001) 
Subsequent citations:
(OECD, 2001)<