A community policing officer is in charge of preventive work and partnership cooperation with citizens in the police precinct's jurisdiction endeavouring in this way to ensure favourable safety conditions. Community policing officers are police officers with work, professional and life experiences skilled at working with people. Their work is focused on direct contact with people. Community policing officers predominantly:

  • perform preventive tasks within the police precinct,
  • participate in the prevention and disclosure of criminal offences and the disclosure and apprehension of perpetrators of criminal offences and other wanted persons,
  • secure crime scenes and take part in their supervision,
  • cooperate with citizens, representatives of local authorities, representatives of companies, organisations and societies, acquainting them with occurrences of crime forms and offences,
  • give lectures at schools and kindergartens,
  • provide advice, warnings and instructions to citizens regarding the prevention of criminal and minor offences,
  • visit injured persons and victims of criminal offences, return found or confiscated stolen objects, acquiring information through discussions.

Call your community policing officer:

  • if you require the assistance or advice of the Police,
  • if you wish to forward information regarding a criminal offence,
  • if you wish to report a criminal offence, accident or threat,
  • if you wish to submit important or interesting data related to safety,
  • if you wish to suggest measures or activities for improving safety in your environment.