Public peace and order and the protection of people's lives, personal safety and property is certainly one of the most important areas of our work.

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Various police tasks belong to this area: maintaining public peace and order; supervising the implementation of regulations on firearms and explosives, public assembly and gathering of people; supervising registration and de-registration of guests and implementation of regulations on private security and detective activity. General security of people and property is also provided at airports, ports and bathing sites, at sea and in internal waters, on mountains and in ski resorts and on the railways.

Everything that is not a police speciality belongs to this area of activity. General police officers thus most frequently deal with all kinds of violations and deviant behaviour in everyday life which people most frequently report and which bother them the most: with excessive noise, shouting and commotion, brawling and fighting, indecent behaviour, violence, for example in the family environment, use of dangerous items, vandalism, incorrect use of pyrotechnics, etc.

In addition to this, we also perform in this area tasks related to suicides, sudden deaths, work accidents, drownings, search efforts, missing persons, natural and other disasters, fires and tasks related to environmental protection and security of nuclear facilities. We also provide assistance to other state bodies and inspection services, and very frequently we cooperate, for example, with municipal warden services and liaise with colleagues from foreign police forces.

A profession that is not for everyone

Considering the diversity and nature of the tasks performed by general police officers, it quickly becomes clear how much knowledge they are required to possess. Actually, this applies to all fields of work. Police procedures frequently take place in very complex situations, which is why it is important that, in addition to having knowledge about regulations, managing powers, professional skills and the basics of self-defence, police officers possess other skills as well. They must have excellent communication skills in order to be able to de-escalate and handle tense situations. In dangerous situations, and there are many of them, they must know how to remain calm and act prudently despite having to react quickly. It is important that they know the basics of psychology and have a considerable amount of understanding of people's emotional distress.

Police work certainly involves a lot of stress, which is why this profession can only be performed by persons with a mature personality, who are stable and psychophysically well prepared.

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