Police officers participate in protecting public rallies and events, large international sporting events, club competitions, in particular football matches, and concerts and other events. In this way, they ensure the safe and peaceful exercise of the constitutionally guaranteed right to public assembly to participants and organisers.

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The police protect participants and important buildings while they provide the general security of people and property, maintain public order, and make sure road traffic safety in the area of public gatherings or events is managed appropriately. Moreover, the police must also ensure their own safety.

Occasionally, the police are actively involved in organising large-scale or international sporting events, for example skiing competitions. They are trained in securing sporting events involving a high degree of risk, such as football, basketball, handball and ice hockey matches between national rival clubs or international matches between famous sport clubs attended by their supporter groups.

However, security planning starts long before a rally or an event takes place. In order to provide security for all participants and prevent public disorder, we need to have reliable information in advance, including from abroad in the case of international events. In addition to security, we also strive constantly for dialogue with civil initiatives, non-governmental organisations, interest associations, local communities, fans and other socially engaged groups.

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Police spotters act as a link between the police, supporter groups, sport clubs and organisers of sporting events. They regularly engage with sport clubs and their supporter groups, including during their travels abroad, contributing to greater effectiveness in this area of work. Likewise, foreign police spotters take part in international sporting events in Slovenia, helping us to provide security.

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