The National Bureau of Investigation is a specialised criminal investigation unit at the national level for the detection and investigation of serious criminal offences, especially economic and financial crime and corruption and in certain cases organised crime, cybercrime and more difficult forms of conventional crime.


The National Bureau of Investigation was established in 2010 as part of the criminal police to undertake even more effective investigation and prosecution of the most serious and most complicated forms of white-collar, corruption, organised and other crime. In its work, it cooperates with units at regional and local levels, exchanging operational information and providing assistance to them. So far, the office has successfully investigated many demanding cases, including some that received major media coverage (for example, in the banking sector, serious endangerment of the financial interest of the state, damage to companies with equity investments by the state, organisation of pyramid schemes and illegal abuse of internal information and corruption in healthcare, the energy sector, sport), and has revealed numerous international criminal groups trafficking in illicit drugs or human beings or dealing in prostitution and money laundering.

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