Slovenia is divided into eight police directorates which are responsible for the safety of persons and property on the regional level. They are headed by directors who are appointed and discharged by the Minister of the Interior upon a proposal by the General Police Directorate.

Geografic Division of Police Directorates

Police Directorate Celje
Police Directorate Koper
Police Directorate Kranj
Police Directorate Ljubljana

Police Directorate Maribor
Police Directorate Murska Sobota
Police Directorate Nova Gorica
Police Directorate Novo mesto


A police directorate is a regional police organizational unit established in a particular region of the country by the Government, which also determines its headquarters. Police directorates are connected to the General Police Directorate both organizationally and functionally. The division of expert services at police directorates is adapted to the structure of the expert services of the General Police Directorate.

Police directorates perform the following tasks:

  • coordination and direction of the work of police stations, provision of professional instruction, supervision of their performance and provision of professional assistance;
  • detection and investigation of particular criminal offences, detection and arrest of perpetrators of such criminal offences and their handover to the competent authorities;
  • assurance that public order tasks are performed, when coordinated action in the directorate territory is required or in cases of severe public order violations;
  • assurance that specific tasks relating to traffic regulation and traffic safety are performed, when coordinated action in a larger directorate territory is required;
  • performance of specific tasks to protect particular persons and objects;
  • assurance and performance of specific border control and state border protection tasks;
  • performance of procedures regarding aliens;
  • cooperation with border police bodies of neighbouring states;
  • issue of decisions at the first instance on matters concerning movement across the state borders;
  • performance of specific police tasks in a state of emergency or war;
  • performance of specific tasks regarding the maintenance of the police information and telecommunications system;
  • performance of specific tasks in the field of employment relationships, professional education and training, financial and material matters and maintenance of buildings and technical equipment;
  • performance of other police tasks prescribed by law or other regulations elaborated on by the law.