Police stop several foreign freight vehicles on Slovenian motorways

Police officers of the Specialised Unit for Traffic Control have detected several violations involving freight vehicles in road traffic during the traffic control campaign on the Slovenian motorway network.



The renewed Schengen Information System enhancing EU's security becomes operational

The upgraded Schengen Information System (SIS) has become operational on 7 March 2023. The functionalities added to the SIS security platform with the new upgrade will facilitate closer international cooperation in the EU, protection of the most vulnerable, improve the management of irregular migration and help counter crime, enhance the surveillance on the external EU borders and the overall safety of persons.



Senad Jušić appointed new acting Director General of the Police

At yesterday's meeting, the Government dismissed Boštjan Lindav and appointed Senad Jušić as the new acting Director General of the Police, as proposed by the new Minister of the Interior, Boštjan Poklukar.



International cooperation strengthened by a new police attaché in Italy

Roman Čoh, Police Superintendent in the International Police Operations Division of the General Police Directorate, is being seconded to Italy as Police Attaché. He was seen off today by the Acting Director General of the Police, Boštjan Lindav, who wished him successful and, above all, safe work.



Large criminal group trafficking drugs in Slovenia and Austria dismantled in an operation involving over 500 police officers and criminal investigators

On 9 and 10 January 2023, Slovenian police conducted the final operation of over 50 house searches in Slovenia and Austria and successfully dismantled a large criminal association with cells in Kranj and Jesenice, from where the members trafficked large quantities of illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, ecstasy), as well as grew and manufactured cannabis and amphetamine.



Croatian officers helping Slovenian police in selected ski areas

On 3 January 2023, two Croatian officers will again join the Slovenian police to help provide safety on the snow. Until 16 January, they will work with Slovenian police officers in the ski areas of Rogla, Kope and Kranjska Gora. The beginning of January coincides with the school holidays in Croatia, which many Croatian tourists spend on Slovenian ski slopes.



Croatia's entry into the Schengen Area symbolically announced by lifting the ramps at the border crossings

Neighbouring country Croatia joins Schengen on 1 January 2023. Minister of Public Administration and Acting Minister of the Interior Sanja Ajanović Hovnik and Acting Director General of the Police Boštjan Lindav have attended the Schengen joining celebration at the Obrežje–Bregana border crossing point. The Minister also took the occasion to meet with her Croatian counterpart, Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović, declaring that we are "witnessing a historic event for Croatia".



Changes to border crossing between Slovenia and Croatia after 1 January 2023 - information for travellers

Croatia will join the Schengen Area on 1 January 2023. As a result, border controls will be lifted at the land border between Slovenia and Croatia and free flow of traffic will be allowed through the border crossing points.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

All we need to make the world a safer place is a few brave and determined steps, responsible and honourable deeds, kind words and confidence in the future. And above all, an open heart for those who need our help. Let's create a safe living environment together! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2023!



Operation EMMA 8. Slovenian police participate in international investigation of money laundering through money mules

For the eighth consecutive year, the Slovenian police have successfully participated in Europol's international operation aimed at combating money mules who illegally receive funds that are mainly generated by cybercrime.



Railpol Strategic Council meeting hosted by the Slovenian Police brings together 27 representatives from 15 European countries

The Slovenian Police are hosting the Strategic Council meeting of Railpol, an international association of the organisations responsible for policing the railways in Europe. The two-day event, which started yesterday, 23 November 2022, is attended by 27 members from 15 European countries.



International conference on prevention of people smuggling held in Portorož

Police Chiefs met at the international conference in Portorož on 17 and 18 November 2022, and discussed the stepping-up of information exchange and police cooperation in the region for the purpose of prevention of organised crime and dismantling of the highly profitable illicit business model of the criminal networks.



Latest public opinion survey: trust in the police increases significantly

According to the latest Mirror of Slovenia survey published on 9 November 2022, the police won people’s trust back. Following a significant increase in the level of confidence, the police took fourth place among institutions, climbing from ninth place after last year’s first and only negative trend after 2012.



Man arrested for posing as a crime investigator and stealing money from older adults

Police officers of the Nova Gorica Police Directorate received information indicating that an as-yet-unidentified perpetrator had phoned an elderly woman and persuaded her that he was a criminal investigator in need of her help in investigating economic crime. The victim agreed to go with him to a bank in Ajdovščina, where she withdrew some cash and handed it over to the unknown scammer.



Members of special police units from across Europe training in Slovenia

Slovenia is currently hosting members of special police units from 21 European countries (Germany, Romania, Latvia, Denmark, France, Finland, Bulgaria, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Slovakia, Malta, Croatia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Sweden) plus Slovenia for a workshop, which is held in two parts under the auspices of the ATLAS association of special intervention units.