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Border checks 4 November 2009

As provided for in an EU directive, all member states collect and exchange information on air passengers. The purpose of such data collection and processing is to ensure safety for EU citizens and prevent terrorism and other forms of serious crime. Passenger data is also collected by the Slovenian Police.

MG 9096 kontrola potnih listin letalisce1API and PNR passenger data

Like other EU member states, the Slovenian Police collect passenger-related information in order to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute terrorist offences and other serious crimes. Focused only on persons posing a high risk to human safety, the system of processing passenger data ensures a high level of security for the remaining passengers, allowing them to continue to move freely and safely within the Schengen area. More >>

GettyImages dv776090 JamesLauritzInformation for air carriers

Air carriers are obliged to provide the competent police unit with passenger data before each flight. This includes less sensitive personal data and other information collected and stored by air carriers, such as passengerÔÇÖs personal details, travel date and itinerary, booking and payment information, etc. More >>

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