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In modern times, and particularly due to the increasingly fast development of modern media, communication with various segments of the public has become of exceptional importance.

 MG 3220

By means of communication, every institution ensures that people are informed about its work enables the transparency of its operations and seeks to build public trust. In addition to legislation, it is also the only true foundation of the legitimacy of police work, which is why it has to be constantly worked on.

The best PR is done by police office officers with their work on the ground, as well performed duties are the best advertisement, and the reputation of the police depends on how successfully security breaches are prevented and investigated, on our professionalism, integrity and responsiveness, and our attitude to people. There is plenty of content, events and information that cannot be communicated to the public other than by means of mass media and other channels of communication such as websites, social networks, various publications, etc. The police inform the public about all important matters related to the provision of security in society.

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