Traffic Safety

Too many pedestrians have recently died on Slovenian roads as a result of traffic accidents
Mobile phone use while driving is on the rise among Slovenian drivers. Unfortunately, they are not aware enough that using a mobile phone behind the wheel ...
Before each ride, the motorcyclist should check visually and always in the same sequence that everything is in place.
Unadjusted speed is one of the main factors in traffic accidents on Slovenian roads, especially those with the most serious consequences.
After a lengthy period of bad weather, a beautiful sunny weekend is ahead of us. Consequently, more road users, especially motor vehicles, are to be expected on the ...
Stopping in tunnels or under overpasses on motorways and expressways In a storm and hail is extremely dangerous.
In recent years the number of thefts and robberies (theft of tyres, cargo, objects from vehicles, etc.) at motorway rest areas has increased.
The bicycle is a favoured means of transport. For children, it is also a toy, while adults are more and more frequently using it not only for transport, but also for ...
Information for safe driving on roads in Slovenia