Information for safe driving on roads in Slovenia

We wish your trip, especially at times of highest traffic density, to be safe and relaxed.




Speed limits 


50 kmph in residental areas


90 kmph on all roads where not otherwise indicated


110 kmph on the expressways


130 kmph on motorways


10 kmph in areas of traffic calming and pedestrian precincts


Permitted Alcohol Content in Blood

  • 0.5 gram alcohol per a kilogram of blood for all drivers of private vehicles and motorcycles
  • 0.0 gram alcohol per a kilogram of blood for all professional drivers (C,D,E).

Use of the Safety Belt

It is compulsory to use the safety belt also at the back seat, provided that the car has safety belts at the back.

Lights On

It is compulsory to have dimmed headlights turned on while driving also during the day.

Use of the Mobile Phone

While driving, only the use of a hands-free mobile phone is permitted.


While reversing all four indicators must be switched on.

Motorcycles and Motorised Bicycles

It is forbidden to have a person of less than 12 years of age on a motorcycle. The rider and the passenger on a motorcycle or a motorised bicycle must both wear strapped homologised crash helmets. Motorised bicycles whose cubic capacity does not exceed 50 cc and which can develop a speed up to 50 kph must be ridden on the roadways and not on the cycle track.

Marking a Broken-down Vehicle at Night

If a vehicle breaks down at night and its technical condition does not make possible the use of all four indicators, the driver must, beside using the warning triangle, adequately mark the broken down vehicle (a yellow flashing light, a torch).


Important phone numbers and links 

113 Police Emergency Number
112 Emergency call
+386 1 518 85 18 Traffic Information Centre



traffic In the event of a traffic accident call the police on  113