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The two basic fields of work of this Division comprise road traffic safety and the regulation of traffic. It monitors and analyses safety conditions on Slovenian roads, directs and, when necessary, coordinates work of the traffic control units, road accident investigations, prevention and detection of criminal offences and violations endangering the safety of road traffic, performs supervision and provides expert assistance to units.

The Division also monitors and evaluates efficiency and participates in the supplementation of tactics and methods of police work in this field, issues opinions and gives its consent in relation to the construction and reconstruction of roads and roadside facilities and its opinion, consent and permission for transport and exceptional transport and for the road-blocks during larger events carried out on roads.

This Division also co-operates with other Slovene and foreign authorities and organisations and prepares regulations and instructions for its field of work, and participates in the preparation of information for the public and in the processing and collection of computer data.

The specialized traffic control unit as an internal unit of this Division also directly performs heightened supervision of traffic through surveillance using video and technical devices, monitoring of cargo vehicles and buses and when required escorts exceptional cargo transport and transport of hazardous goods as well as co-operates and participates when there are events held on roads.

Specialised Unit for Traffic Control

  • performs police tasks on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia which involve special skills or knowledge and specialised equipment or those needing to be carried out in a coordinated manner on the national level such as: supervision of vehicles and persons using
  • video-technical devices on roads and the supervision of cargo vehicles and buses,
  • carries out heightened and targeted controls of road traffic,
  • when required provides escorts for exceptional transport, transport of hazardous and explosive goods, transport of foreign security bodies and humanitarian aid which are being carried out in one or more police directorates,
  • when required performs individual police tasks in the implementation of sports events held on roads,
  • ensures the maintenance, rational use and testing of material-technical resources for the unit's work,
  • performs the tasks of a minor offence authority in accordance with regulations and
  • participates in the preparation of job classification and standards and plans for the purchase of material-technical resources for the unit's work.