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kl 0488 zmThe Special Police Unit carries out counter-terrorist activities and performs the most demanding operational duties of the police force, this involving a high level of risk for the safety and security of people and their lives, for which the highest level of training and physical and mental fitness together with the use of special knowledge and skills are required.

This highly trained police unit employs its mobility, customised operational tactics and modern equipment to solve the most challenging security tasks.

Its members train to perform tasks that involve the highest level of risk. In this context, they strive to ensure a high level of safety for both innocent members of the public and themselves. Their members work together with other police units to perform the most demanding security actions in the course of various training exercises. They also cooperate with the Ministry of the Interior on the provision of psychological and social assistance to police officers.


  • The Special Police Unit carries out counter-terrorism tasks, provides support in the apprehension of perpetrators of serious criminal offences, protects high-ranking national and foreign government officials, protects certain facilities, and cooperates with the police force in cases of major natural and other disasters;
  • It provides adequate training and further training courses to its members and assists in training other police units, the Ministry of the Interior and other state bodies;
  • It maintains material and technical means and the equipment of the unit;
  • It performs other tasks assigned by the Director-General of the Police or a person they authorise.

Organisational structure

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The Operational Activity Section conducts direct and operational interventions and tasks related to:

  • any forms of extreme violence;
  • terrorism;
  • kidnappings;
  • taking hostages;
  • other security events with a high level of endangerment of the involved persons.

The Operational Support Section conducts tasks related to:

  • professional and logistic support to the members of the special police unit in their performance of operational activities;
  • training and further training courses.

The Bomb Disposal Section conducts tasks related to:

  • directing operations and interventions relating to protection against bombs as well as inspections and investigations on the use of fireworks and bomb disposal;
  • drafting expert opinions;
  • safekeeping and storage of confiscated explosive ordnances and substances and their professional disposal.


Video SE 50 let izrez2

Video marking the 50th anniversary of the Special Unit 

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