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The Police College has been founded on the basis of the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia as an organisational unit of the Police Academy at the General Police Directorate.

The school and its bodies manage tasks in accordance with regulations on higher expert education, and other tasks, determined on the basis of the foundation decision and regulations in the area of police work.Since it executes public higher education study programmes, it has been registered as a higher vocational school.

The Police College attaches a lot of attention to good physical and psychological fitness, which is why candidates can, in their free time, use the sport facilities of the Police Academy - a fitness room, martial arts room, gym, running track, obstacle course, etc.

"Police Officer" higher education study programme

The Police College implements the ''Police Officer'' higher education study programme

School organisation structure

The school is managed by the principal in collaboration with the following bodies:

  • college of lecturers
  • professional departments
  • study committee
  • committee for quality monitoring and assurance

Additional information

Višja policijska šola (Police College)
Referat za študentske zadeve (Student Affairs Office)
00386 (0)1 514 71 47

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