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Veliki Otok 44 Z,
6230 Postojna

+386 5 701 34 40
+386 5 726 52 63

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Head of the Centre: Jože Konec, M.A.

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One of the pillars of the effective migration policy of the European Union is returning citizens of third countries who do not or no longer meet the conditions for residing in its territory. A person is typically provided with the option of leaving the EU on their own and returning voluntarily to avoid enforcement of return. In Slovenia, the Centre for Foreigners, based in Veliki Otok near Postojna, is in charge of foreigners subject to return procedures.

Return is a very complex process involving identification procedures, acquisition of personal documents from consular representations of third countries, cooperation with airline operators, and coordination between the EU Member States and other agencies, such as Frontex. Of course, voluntary return is encouraged in all types of return cases, and it may also include reintegration programmes in the country of origin.

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This enables a returnee to reintegrate in their local environment and to get their life back on track. Foreigners are never forced to return to countries where their life or freedom could be threatened. There is a movement restriction in place for persons residing in the Centre for Foreigners, which is why the centre constantly seeks to improve the quality of accommodation for those in the process of being returned. At the same time, it provides for high standards of human rights and constantly monitors migration trends and adjusts to them.

Police Activities in Connection with Current Migration Flows

Foto: Mostphotos/ UKOMThe webpage contains information on the duties and responsibilities of the police that refer to illegal immigrants. It also provides information on arrivals and accommodation of foreigners in Slovenia.

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