Peer violence can be mental, physical, or a combination of both. It is not limited to a specific place, it can appear anywhere.

Peer violence can be:drawing of a minor making threats

  • beating, pushing, kicking, tripping, spitting, scratching, destroying things, restricting movement ...
  • sexual violence, groping
  • name-calling, loud mockery, spreading of rumors, teasing
  • obscene persuasion, messing around, threatening, insulting ...
  • intentional exclusion from the group, rejection, slander, intimidation, manipulation of friendships, humiliation, obscene gestures ...
  • extortion
  • stealing money, clothes or other things ...
  • cybebullying and harassment, which has been on the rise recently (eg sending offensive messages, spreading lies and threats online through various websites and social networks, insulting or falsely posting on online platforms where most of the victims' acquaintances are, manipulating victims photos and editing or making photos and videos where the victim is portrayed in an insulting way, making fake websites and profiles ...)

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