The puppet show "One-one-three" acquaints children with the dangers they may find themselves in in an appropriate way and introduces them to the police emergency number 113. Children can quickly remember the telephone number with the help of puppets.

They also learn that they can always rely on the help of police officers. The performance is part of the wider Police for Children prevention project, within which children also have the opportunity to meet police officers.

poster 113Being safe is every child's right.

We can ensure the safety of adult children by speaking out loud and clear about violence and abuse.

Parents and grandparents, educators, teachers, professionals and everyone who is important to the child: talk to the child and make him aware of abuse. This is the only way to protect them and protect them from danger.

Police officers are with you.

With the "One One Three" puppet show, we introduce children to the dangers they may find themselves in in an appropriate way.

We let the children know that the police officer is a person they can turn to for help in distress or problems.

A police officer is a child's safe point.

predstava3bThe project Police for Children consists of two parts:

Puppet Show One One Three
Children's meeting with police officers

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