The following is Accessibility Statement for the official website of Slovenian police. The content admin of Slovenian police website is the Public Relations Division of Slovenian police and technical admin is the IT and telecommunications Office of the General Police Directorate.

Website admins are committed to running a user-friendly website that allows people with limitations and those with special requirements to access the content without additional support to the largest possible extent, as well as through support of technology (screen readers, etc.) Slovenian police website can be accessed on multiple devices, with automatic screen adjustment and adjustment of content view modes (for PCs, pads, smart phones). The website can be accessed with different browsers and operating systems. Breadcrumbs are available for easier website navigation. Where possible, we strive for information on the website to be simple, comprehensible, and thus accessible to the widest group of users.

Accessibility module

Accessibility of certain information on the website for the blind, visually impaired and persons with dyslexia is facilitated with the accessibility modules available on the top-right corner of the website page. The following options are available by clicking the accessibility icon:

  • Keyboard navigation
  • Option to pause animated images
  • Option to adjust colour contrast and the contrast between the text and the background
  • Multiple enlargement of text font size
  • For users who have difficulty reading texts published in several fonts, the letter font of all texts can be switched to default Arial font
  • Any active links published as highlighted words that users may not see clearly can be underlined instead for better visibility
  • Option to underline titles
  • Retrieval of the title or text under a picture
  • Two enlargement options for the cursor of your mouse if default cursor size is hard to see

If none of the available tool enhancements should work for you, please contact us by clicking the Contact us link and send us your question.

Content in Slovenian sign language

Information on prevention published on the website of Slovenian police is often accompanied by videos of sign language interpretation. Sign language videos are subtitled and equipped with audio sound and thus available to the deaf and persons with hearing impairments. They are published under the section: Police advice on prevention in Slovenian sign language

Level of Compliance

Due to the disproportionate burden, Slovenian police website currently only partially complies with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act. The accessibility non-compliant content mostly includes scanned PDF files, complex statistical charts with data, non-text content (visual, audio, video content) that are parts of releases or information, or individual web pages.

We are committed to continue adjusting the Police website content to vulnerable groups to the largest possible extent and provide a satisfactory user experience.

Feedback and contact info

If you are unable to access parts of website content, or if you would like to request for information to be forwarded to you in an alternative, more accessible format, or you have questions, approvals or suggestions on how to improve accessibility of Slovenian police website, please send these via regular or electronic mail to the following address, or call us on:

  • address: MNZ-Police, General Police Directorate, Public Relations Division, ┼átefanova ulica 2, 1501 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone number: 01 428 40 00.

Please note that the answer shall be forwarded to you within 8 days from reception of your request or notice. If we should be unable to provide the answer within this period, we shall inform you on when we are going to be able to provide the answer and give reasons for the delay.

Enforcement proceedings

If you should deem any of our answers to your notices or requests sent pursuant to Article 8 of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act unsatisfactory, you may file a complaint at the inspection service of the Information Security Administration of Slovenia, via post or electronic mail:

Information Security Administration
Ministry of Public Administration
Tr┼ża┼íka cesta 21
1000 Ljubljana
01 478 47 78
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About this Accessibility Statement

This self-assessment based Accessibility Statement was written on 1 September 2020. This is the latest version of the Statement from 21 September 2020.