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Air Support Unit 25 April 2024
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 Pogled iz policijskega helikopterja na goreči Kras v 2022

With its fleet of helicopters and the Air Support Unit, the Slovenian Police proves the versatility and effectiveness of police aviation and is a reliable partner in the performance of police and humanitarian tasks. The Unit has proved its worth in many cases. Among the most important in recent years are:

  • 2014: support during floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • 2019-2023: modernisation of the helicopter fleet and purchase of three new AW 169 helicopters;
  • 2022: support for fire control in the Karst region. The Air Support Unit fought the fire with a new AW 169 helicopter, making 600 drops or carrying around 470,000 litres of water, and a camera patrol helicopter was used to survey the terrain, detect hot spots and direct firefighters on the ground;
  • 2022: rescue of 18 hikers after a lightning strike on Triglav mountain in extremely difficult weather conditions. The lightning strike scattered the hikers on the rocks; two were seriously injured and the rest were slightly injured;
  • 2023: assistance in rescuing several injured in an avalanche on Mojstrovka mountain in extremely difficult weather conditions;
  • 2023: assistance during the catastrophic floods that hit Slovenia in August. In a few days, police crews in four helicopters rescued 286 people and ten animals, transported 45 specialists in various fields of work and more than 13 tonnes of food, fuel and other cargo;
  • 2023: helping the North Macedonian police to train their crews in cargo transport and firefighting;
  • 2023: donation of parts and tools to the Macedonian Air Police Unit for their helicopters. This is specific equipment that will allow our colleagues in North Macedonia to develop their own medical transport, firefighting and mountain rescue capabilities.

The Air Support Unit is also involved in around 100 mountain rescues every year and is included in the protection and rescue system.