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Statistical data 6 November 2018

Due to the current migration situation we have decided to post some information on the work of the Slovenian police in the area of border issues and foreigners. It contains especially explanation on those tasks and responsibilities that refer to foreigners who cross the state border illegally.

More information is available on Slovenian page.

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The number of illegal crossings of the state border of the Republic of Slovenia:

The number of received requests for international protection:

The number of international protection seekers, accomodated in Slovenia, and persons granted international protection status:

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Published are only selected press releases - those translated into English. All press releases are available on Slovenian page.

Archive of press releases in connection with current migration flows

Tasks and duties of Slovenia's police 01 migracije 1

Among other tasks Slovenia's police force is also entrusted with conducting state border control and managing illegal migration and foreigner affairs. Police tasks are as follows: control of cross-border movement, state border protection, investigation of criminal offences and violations taking place at the state's border and investigation of border incidents, prevention of illegal migration, performance of operational tasks related to immigrant/foreigner legislation, decisions related to crossing of the state border and coordination of activities of the Centre for Foreigners.

Useful links

  • Information for foreigners (a web portal set up by the Ministry of the Interior with a wide range of information needed by foreigners to be able to live and work in the Republic of Slovenia)

Notice for media representatives

Visits to border crossing points, reception centres and other locations for the accommodation of migrants are limited, i.e. have to be arranged in advance with the Public Relations Division at the General Police Directorate - contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When accessing the areas where movement of persons is temporarily restricted, media representatives and any other visitors must get accredited. Media representatives obtain press passes.

Photographing and recording is only allowed from publicly accessible areas. Please make sure that you do not obstruct the police and other services in doing their job and that you precisely follow all instructions of police representatives.