No organisation, including the Police, can operate without adequate logistical support. Despite not being in the public eye, these general and associated services are very important for the police organisation and its operation.

The IT and Telecommunications Office performs the following tasks:

  • it manages the Police information and telecommunication system;
  • it prepares, draws up and oversees the implementation of medium-term and annual plans for the development and purchase of software and hardware for the Police information and telecommunication system, as well as electronic equipment and technical security systems;
  • it cooperates with the Ministry of the Interior and other state authorities in integrating into the information and telecommunication systems of the Republic of Slovenia's public administration and in adopting standards governing the Police information and telecommunication system;
  • it oversees cooperation with external professional and scientific institutions, organisations and associations on the development of the Police information and telecommunication system.


Applications Development Division

ICT Infrastructure Division

Server Systems Section
Distributed Information Systems Section
Networks Section
Telephony Services Section

ICT Support Division

Operational Technical Systems Division

Radio Communications Section
Technical Protection Section

ICT Systems and Data Protection Division

Electronic Devices Division and Measuring Instruments Laboratory

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