The NFL Quality and Development Section is responsible for implementing, maintaining and improving the quality management system.

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It takes part in shaping the policy of the quality management system and prepares, maintains and manages documents related to the system at the NFL’s level. It takes care of the planning, organization and implementation of internal audits and the implementation of management review in the laboratory. Overall, it ensures that other requirements of the ISO 17025 standard are met, thus maintaining the NFL’s status as an accredited body.

The Section is responsible for the organisation and delivery of personnel training (with the exception of certain technical areas of forensic examinations) and international cooperation. It provides support to other sections in obtaining projects and their implementation. The Section keeps records of DNA examinations and records of persons for elimination purposes and manages NFL’s biometric records.

It also takes care of establishing international connections according to the Prüm Decision for DNA records and is the national contact point for information about detected errors in the PRUM application. The Section is also in charge of the maintenance and upgrades of the IT systems in the laboratory, including the maintenance of the AFIS system, which is part of the Fingerprint Section.