Pursuant to the law, the police service performs the following tasks:

  1. protecting life, personal safety and property of people;
  2. preventing, discovering and inspecting penal acts and minor offences, discovering and arresting those committing penal acts and minor offences, other wanted persons and their extradition to the authorised bodies;
  3. maintaining public order;
  4. control and regulation of traffic on public roads and non-categorised roads used for public traffic;
  5. protecting the state border and performing border control;
  6. performing tasks defined in the regulations about foreigners;
  7. protecting certain persons, bodies, buildings and districts;
  8. protecting certain working places and the secrecy of information of state bodies, if not otherwise defined by law; and
  9. performing tasks defined in the Law on Police and other laws and secondary legislation documents.


Main Areas of Our Work

Public Order
Road Traffic
Border Matters and Foreigners
Protection of People and Premises

Other Areas

Community policing

Operative-communications activity

Forensic activity

Analytical activity

Supervisory activity

Monitoring of the use of police powers and threats to police officers

Internal investigations, complaint resolution and aid to police officers

Information and telecommunications activity

Human resources and organisational matters

Education, qualification and training

Financial-material matters

International cooperation

Participation in peace-keeping missions

Public relations

Work with police dogs and horses

Police Air Support Unit activity

Police Orchestra activity

Special Unit activity

Specialised Police Unit activity

Sports activity