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smb_krimThe Criminal Police are a specialised division for fighting crime. They are headed by the Criminal Police Directorate which with the support of its sections manages, coordinates, monitors, analyses and evaluates situations in the area of criminal offences. In cooperation with judicial and other State bodies and foreign competent authorities, it ensures effective and lawful implementation of tasks in the fight against various areas of crime.

The criminal police cooperate with uniformed police officers in uncovering criminal offences and perpetrators. These can, due to their ongoing presence, immediately take action and solve less serious criminal offences. Severe forms of crime, which require special investigative knowledge and technical equipment, are handled by criminal investigators. Criminal investigators do not wear uniforms and in special situations wear anoraks with the inscription "POLICE".

Due to their specialised work and knowledge of local problems, local crime investigation groups also operate within individual police stations, especially in urban areas. To ensure control of crime in more risky districts, mobile crime units have also been organised at police directorates.

Crime is not hindered by national borders or ethnical differences. In the last decade, with the dissolution of the eastern bloc, crime pushed its way across the iron curtain to the West. This especially applies to organised crime, weapons and illicit drug trafficking and money laundering. Slovenia is also more frequently faced with such crimes, thus it comes as no surprise that the fight against organised associations involved in international criminal acts is a priority task of the criminal police.

The criminal police endeavour not only to keep up with criminal offenders, but also to remain a step ahead of them, therefore they constantly introduce contemporary investigative methods and techniques, suitably train and equip experts for the most serious forms of criminal offences, improve the quality provision of evidence on criminal offences, improve the use of special methods and techniques for investigating organised crime, reinforce preventive work, monitor the occurrence of juvenile crime in more depth, etc. The criminal police have established special groups of experts for combating corruption and computer crime; this will enable facilitated monitoring of criminal movements both at home and abroad and contribute to an improvement in the clear-up rate of criminal offences, which is currently already one of the best in Europe.


Organized Crime Division

Illicit Drugs Section
Counterterrorism and Extreme Violence Section
Criminal Groups Section

General Crime Division

Property Crime Section
Homicide and Sexual Offences Section
Juvenile Crime Section

Economic Crime Division

Financial Crime and Money Laundering Section
Business and Public Sector Section
Corruption Section

Special Assignment Division

Undercover Operations Section
Covert Surveillance Section I
Covert Surveillance Section II
Special Techniques Section
Witness Protection Section
Operational ICT Section

International Police Cooperation Division

SIRENE National Bureau
International Operations Section (Europol National Unit, National Central Bureau of Interpol Ljubljana)
Security Risk Assessment and Operational Support Section
Fugitive Active Search Section

Criminal Intelligence Centre

Informant Handling Section

Computer Investigation Centre

National Bureau of Investigation