Peer violence

drawing of a distressed child kicking a stone
Here you will find a lot of useful information and advice, both for children and adolescents, victims of peer violence, as well as for their parents, teachers and ...
picture of an aggressive child who wants to hit a peer
Peer violence can be mental, physical, or a combination of both. It is not limited to a specific place, it can appear anywhere.
picture of humiliation and bullying among peers
Peer violence is not limited to a specific place, it can occur anywhere.
picture of humiliating and bullying among peers
Children and adolescents may begin to refuse to attend school, afraid to go to school and home from school.
picture of peer violence at school
The reasons for their violent behavior and behavior are different.
a picture of parents with a teenager on a bench
Violence against children is most often caused by adults, but children also experience various forms of violence, intimidation and extortion from their older peers, ...
drawing of a teacher holding a blackboard and pointing to the police emergency and anonymous phone number
Are you a victim of peer violence? You need to know that what is happening to you is not your fault! He who is violent bears all the blame.