Are you a victim of peer violence? You need to know that what is happening to you is not your fault! He who is violent bears all the blame.

drawing of a teacher holding a blackboard and pointing to the police emergency and anonymous phone number

You have the right to feel safe. Therefore:

  • Don't wait and don't accept violence! Talk about your problems right away. With procrastination and suffering will not get better. Don’t let the violence escalate.
  • No one can face intimidation and violence alone. So tell the teacher at school, the professionals, the principal, the neighbors, or someone else you trust! Talk about it with your friends, maybe one of them has a similar problem. In this way, you can also help others who are intimidated or extorted.
  • Tell your parents or guardians and go to the teacher together!
  • Tell and trust the cop!

Namely, the competent institutions can only respond if the victims speak about events that are humiliating for them, etc.

Upon reporting, police officers will check what actually happened and who the bullies are. Some events also have signs of a crime or misdemeanor.

It is important that the police officer finds out everything and that the victim is not afraid of him.

Many victims do not want to talk about violence.

pomocThey are afraid of being labeled cowards, or that the bully will find out that they have "accused" him. The fear of talking about violence is completely natural, but you can only stop violence if you talk about it!

We also advise you to stay close to people you trust and can protect you. When you go to and from school, to visit friends, to training, or just to the store, don’t walk alone if you feel threatened. Ask your parents or friends to accompany you.

But what can I do if the victim of violence is my friend, classmate, someone I know, or I have witnessed peer violence?

Help the victim of extortion. A young person who is extorted, intimidated, despised, etc. is scared and lonely, so help him. Be his friend, include him in your company, listen to him, ask him about his experience and encourage him to tell his parents and police about the violence.

In this case:

  • Don't wait, speak up right now and help the victim!
  • Tell teachers at school, professionals!
  • Tell your parents or guardian and let the teachers know together!
  • Tell and trust the cop!

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