Police for children

picture of a child looking at a tablet
Photos and videos of you naked or underdressed do not belong online. The same applies for your personal information.
drawing of a distressed child kicking a stone
Here you will find a lot of useful information and advice, both for children and adolescents, victims of peer violence, as well as for their parents, teachers and ...
picture of a child in front of a computer monitor
The internet offers children a lot of fun, useful and useful content, but on the other hand it exposes them to new dangers. Namely, it is also used by people who ...
picture of a policeman ensuring the safe passage of children across the zebra crossing
What are the most important rules that children need to know to walk safely to and from school? What do we advise parents and what should drivers look out for?
picture of three children skiing
Even though you're supposed to be watched over by your elders, you want to be independent on the ski slopes, don't you? But you don't want to spend the whole day ...