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By regularly exchanging data and information, performing joint operations and participating in other activities, the police cooperate extensively with law enforcement authorities of neighbouring and other countries in combating organised crime and illegal migration, in maintaining public peace and order at large international sporting and other events, and in providing greater road traffic safety.

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Members of the police also participate in the duties of working bodies of the Council of the European Union, European Commission, and EU agencies and international organisations, in regional security initiatives (the Brdo–Brijuni Process, Salzburg Forum, etc.), in various international projects (for example establishing joint investigation teams for combating trafficking in human beings in SE Europe), and in transferring best practices to EU candidate countries. We attend international conferences, seminars and workshops on how to provide security, and we participate in various joint police operations as part of the EU. We have also been participating in peacekeeping and other international civil missions for a number of years.

Tightly integrated in the international environment

The European and international organisations or institutions with which the Slovenian police actively cooperate both in operational work and in the field of education and training include Europol, Interpol, Sirene, Frontex, Cepol, Sepa and Roadpol.

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