The state grants a special right to compensation to victims of violent intentional crime and their families. Compensation is subject to a special procedure. 

This page provides answers to questions frequently asked by victims of domestic violence and by persons assisting them.

You may seek support from your friends, family and relatives, neighbours, co-workers, acquaintances or others. Tell them what happened or is happening to you and ask them for help and assistance in procedures before relevant bodies.

Following receipt of a domestic violence report, the police carry out a number of tasks on a case-by-case basis.

Sometimes victims, alone or together with their children, flee their homes and find shelter with their relatives, friends or at safe houses. In such circumstances they often cannot take their personal belongings with them. 

If it is an emergency, the police impose, at their own discretion, a restraining order to protect the victim and prevent further violence. A local social work centre will be notified of such a measure. If the perpetrator is instructed to stay away from the educational institution attended by a child or minor victim, the police will notify that institution of the duration of the order and provide it with information on the child's or minor's protection.

Domestic violence can be reported by anyone - a victim, a child, a minor, an NGO, a private entity or a state agency. It should be reported by pre-schools, schools and healthcare agencies (doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.), whereas persons acting in an official capacity must report it ex officio. A report may be filed at any time, not only when a victim decides to initiate a divorce. 

The family-related criminal offences that are subject to prosecution by the police are the following:

The incidence of domestic violence cannot be tolerated. The police deal with about 80,000 criminal offences per year, several thousand of which are domestic violence incidents, ranging from those with minor consequences to horrific crimes such as homicides. That is why we wish to provide victims of domestic violence and persons who want to help them with information on relevant procedures.