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Under a special annual programme, we have been implementing for years a very good system of sport competitions which can be attended by all police employees, with which we maintain and improve our psychophysical fitness.

Brajnikov memorial 2021 PrecenjeSaveBohinjke

Among the most recognizable sports events, even in the outside public, is certainly the March of Reason, Will and Power - Brajnik Memorial. The competition is organized every year in memory of the late police officer, mountain rescuer and mountaineer Mitja Brajnik, who lost his life in a tragic accident at Okrešelj. It is known as the most difficult police endurance test of an individual's psychophysical abilities and a test of team members' participation, where police, army and civil protection teams measure their strength, knowledge and endurance.

At the same time, we employ the best athletes in Slovenia and the world, providing them with systemic assistance, while they use their reputation to improve the attitude to sport in the police. Top-level athletes and coaches employed by the Slovenian police also contribute to the positive reputation of the Slovenian police with the public, as they get actively involved in promotional, preventive, sport, educational and other activities that we organise, frequently in cooperation with other institutions. Top-level athletes in police uniform are thus our ambassadors for many preventive projects.

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