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The main mission of the Special Unit is fighting terrorism and organised crime and other forms of extreme violence that represent a high degree of risk to safety, health or life.

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Behind the members of the Special Unit ("red panthers"), whether they are sharpshooters, door breachers, police dog handlers, medics, divers, drivers of special vehicles or bomb technicians, are hours and hours of constant drill: physical exercise, exhausting training, shooting practice, tactical and operational

Special Unit, always on standby

In addition to arresting perpetrators of the most serious criminal acts, it also performs tasks in the field of bomb disposal, protection of the most senior domestic and foreign representatives of the authorities and escorting of high-value or hazardous shipments. It also provides assistance in natural and other disasters and performs other tasks, the performance of which requires the highest level of psychophysical preparedness, top-level training and special knowledge. It frequently cooperates with other police units, both in individual campaigns and in training.

The Special Unit operates throughout the entire territory of Slovenia, and its mobility, adjusted tactics of operation and modern equipment allow it to perform the most demanding security tasks.

In recent decades there have been some widely covered campaigns to find the perpetrators of the most serious criminal acts in Slovenia and participation in numerous arrests of drug traffickers, extortionists and armed bank robbers.

The nature of the work of its members demands that they should not be exposed in public, so they usually perform their tasks while wearing full body cover and masks. Since Slovenia gained independence, they have not been required to use firearms, which indicates the high level of their training, as they are able to perform the most demanding tasks without resorting to severe coercive measures. In the future, the members of the Special Unit will continue to train on a daily basis to provide help, as well as impact and precision, as their slogan says.