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Our vision of work is to ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms to all persons in police procedures, including members of minority and ethnic communities. For example, the police have been building a partnership with the Roma community for years, in particular through community policing and a number of operational and preventive activities.

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The police have been building a partner relationship with the Roma community for years, in particular by means of police work in the community and numerous operational and preventive activities.

As the topic of multiculturalism is a matter not only for the police but for the whole of civil society, the police partner with all institutions and entities involved in this field, with representatives of local communities and the majority population, and with representatives of multicultural communities. In this way, experience gets exchanged and new approaches for better work in a multicultural society developed.

Respect for diversity is closely connected with tolerance on the one hand and prevention of any discrimination on the other, which is why we also encourage equal treatment of women and men, gender mainstreaming, workÔÇôlife balance and good interpersonal relationships. We strive for equal respect of all identities, lifestyles and traditions.

MultikulturaThe Research and Social Skills Centre is responsible for strategic and operational tasks in the field of police work in a multicultural society and subcultural groups. For the joint coordination of work, the General Police Directorate also has a permanent working group that systematically, at all three levels, deals with the implementation of preventive and operational tasks in areas where special knowledge and approaches are needed for effective policing in a multicultural society.

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