Smuggling is the export and import of objects of special cultural or historical interest across a national border without the authorisation of the competent authority.

OldBookMost of the items smuggled are stolen or protected items for which an export or import licence cannot be obtained. Sometimes, however individuals do not know how to officially import an item, so they hide it when crossing the national border. In the process they are often left without an object and are subjected to further inconveniences.

As a result of the described actions, the cultural heritage of nations that are unable to protect their assets are disappearing. The art market is becoming more and more globalized, so where an object "lands" often depends only on where a higher price can be obtained for it.

Where can you get information about importing and exporting works of art?

Export and import of objects of cultural heritage (in Slovenian only)

You can obtain a permit to export cultural heritage from the Ministry of Culture. When importing objects of cultural heritage, you must obtain export permits in the country of origin, if required by that country.

artefactWhere can you report actions against works of art and cultural heritage?

Information about stolen and recovered items can be found:

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