Police Academy is an internal organisational unit of the General Police Directorate that cares for professionally educated and qualified police staff.

It performs the following tasks with competences and to satisfy the citizens’ or the public’s needs:

  • it executes education and training programmes for the police and external users,
  • it provides for developmental activity in education and training,
  • it is the carrier of research activity and the development of social skills in the police,
  • it executes publishing and librarian activities.
  • Issue of a substitute education certificate


Police College

Research and Social Skills Centre

Spiritual care of police officers

Training Centre

Vinko Beznik Training Centre in Gotenica

Service Dog Training Section (Short review of the Service Dog Training Section development)

Security and Support Division

Slovenian Police Museum

Top Athletes Centre

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Policijska akademija (Police Academy)
Rocenska 56
1211 Ljubljana – Šmartno
01 514 70 00
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