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Fleet and equipment 25 April 2024

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Irreplaceable air support

The Air Support Unit is a specialised operational unit of the police that operates the police helicopter capabilities.

It provides effective helicopter support to other police units in the search for missing persons, ensuring law and order, pursuit of criminals, border and traffic control, criminal investigation and more.

In addition, it provides transport capabilities for the Special Unit and the Special Police Unit, and is also involved in the system of protection, rescue and assistance in the event of natural and other disasters.

The Unit also provides assistance to other State authorities in the framework of planned, intervention and humanitarian tasks. Read more: Tasks, organisation and personnel

We are continuously updating our fleet of police aircraft

With a fleet of seven helicopters of four different types, the flight staff perform approximately 2,000 flight hours each year and follow the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines in ensuring aviation safety. Read more: Fleet and equipment

Development of police aviation in Slovenia from the beginning to the present

The Air Support Unit is one of the oldest units of its kind in Europe, dating back to 19 May 1967, when the first helicopter was put into service by the then Police. Read more: History

Key achievements in recent years

With its fleet of helicopters, the Slovenian Police demonstrates the versatility and efficiency of police aviation and is a reliable partner in policing and humanitarian work. So far, the Air Support Unit has proved its worth in many cases. Read more: Significant achievements

Our plans for the future

The Unit's vision for the future is to modernise and standardise the fleet and to ensure a more uniform availability of services across the country. Read more: Mission, vision and values

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Activities of the Police Air Support Unit





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