The Training Centre and its units (Vinko Beznik Training Centre in Gotenica, Service Dogs Training Section, and Top Athletes Section) strive to create, together with other internal organisational units of the General Police Directorate, a diverse, current and quality selection of police training programmes.

The tasks of the Centre are:

  • to systemically regulate the training of police workers (examine the requirements, plans and cooperates in programme preparation, implementation, assessment and renewal),
  • to prepare the annual plan and catalogue of training (the catalogue contains all programmes that are approved by the Police Academy's Programme Council, and determined by the Director General of the Police in accordance with the Police Organisation and Work Act),
  • to plan training together with police units and other similar organisations in the field of traffic safety and to implement training programmes for safe motor vehicle driving,
  • to ensure current professional and andragogical training of training services providers in the police,
  • to develop collaboration with European institutions for training and to actively collaborate in their projects,
  • to organise international meetings with regard to training,
  • to prepare and execute training programmes for external clients (traffic wardens, toll supervisors, financial administration employees, nature protection supervisors, ski slopes supervisors),
  • to keep records on training.

The Centre enables training participants to acquire theoretical knowledge and skills in general police tasks, criminal investigation, offence procedures, safe driving school, social skills, management, human rights and freedoms protection, national border control, IT and telecommunications, foreign languages, etc.

The training provides adult-customised knowledge based on modern methods and experience-based learning.