The reasons for their violent behavior and behavior are different.

3When bullies are children and adolescents

Some sources state that tendencies of violent behavior may be present already in a young child. Some children may continue with such behavior during adolescence and later as adults.

Why is a child or adolescent violent towards peers?

There are some options:

  • it is a way of solving problems that was learned and adopted as a pattern of behavior
  • is himself a victim of domestic violence
  • is himself a victim of violence by another peer or group of peers
  • he is trying to position himself in this way and gain an important place in the group ...
It is important that parents respond immediately when they are informed that their child is showing signs of aggressive behavior, and seek help from professionals!

Reasons that often lead to peer violence

When dealing with various cases, the police find that the most common reasons for violence are non-acceptance of otherness (for example due to ethnicity, religion or other affiliation, personality traits or circumstances, family characteristics ...), envy due to personal circumstances (e.g. better style of dressing) and non - acceptance of different views. At the same time, as an additional reason, there is a need of individuals to prove themselves in the group.

In the vast majority of cases, the motives for peer violence are selfishness and / or personal assertion

When the motive is selfishness, the perpetrator extorts the victim for money or some goods. However, when the motive is personal assertion, in most cases it is an act when individuals place themselves above others in order to prove themselves to their surroundings or their group. In doing so, they usually choose victims who come from more vulnerable social groups.

Who are the victims of peer violence?

The victims are usually children and adolescents who are different in some way, either because of their appearance, physique, school success / failure, their name, nationality ... More vulnerable to violence are children and adolescents who are unable or do not know how to stand up for themselves

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