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Within the police, a good flow of information is of key importance for making quick and correct decisions in managing security events. Such information is provided every day, 24 hours a day, also through operations and communications centres. The centres function as information hubs, their primary task being the structuring of initial emergency operational measures for the protection of life and property and the safety of police officers.

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Employees of the centre thus need to receive incident-related notifications and collect information that is important for the work of the police.

A good flow of information is at the heart of operational and communication activity

Each of the eight police directorates has an operations and communications centre, receiving calls through the police emergency number 113 and dispatching police and criminal police patrols.

When a resident makes a call for help to the telephone number of the nearest police station or comes to a police station or approaches police officers in person at an incident location, the competent regional centre is notified immediately. It collects feedback and uses technological solutions to support responding police officers in carrying out their tasks and staying safe in the course of their duty. The operations and communications centre at the national level is the one that coordinates and decides on the use of police resources from various police specialities when dealing with the most challenging security events, while it also serves as a direct link with police units in steering police work.

A 113 call for service is usually the first point of contact between citizens and the police, which is why it is very important that our call-takers communicate in a professional way and with appropriate empathy. The police officer must be able to calm the caller down so that they can give as much information as possible despite their fear, shock and distress. The most important thing is that anyone in need of police assistance gets it within the shortest possible time and to the appropriate extent, regardless of where they are located.

Police emergency telephone number 113

The police emergency telephone number 113 is used for reporting violations of public order, traffic accidents and criminal offences or when the assistance or immediate intervention of the police is required. Police officers responding to a call for service can immediately dispatch a police patrol to the location.

Dial 113 if you have been involved in or witnessed a traffic accident, if you are a victim or you have witnessed a criminal offence, if you believe that peace is being disturbed, or if you think that the police can provide safety in any other way. When you call 113, be prepared to provide as much detail as possible about:

  • the nature of the emergency (e.g. traffic accident, brawl);
  • the location of the emergency (place, type of road, for example motorway, direction of travel, proximity of prominent buildings);
  • the time of the incident (have you come across the event by chance or are you involved in it);
  • persons in need of medical assistance, number of persons involved (vehicles, persons);
  • anything else that may be of relevance to your own safety or that of other members of the public.

Anonymous telephone number 080 - 1200

Also operated in the operations and communications centre is the anonymous telephone number 080 1200. It is intended for all those who would like to provide useful information to the police while remaining anonymous.

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